Wing Chun Dynamics Kung-Fu

Wing Chun Dynamics is a scientific art with an emphasis on skill and technique rather than size or strength to suit western practitioners of Kung Fu.

It is the culmination of over thirty years of martial arts training and experience by its founder Master David Taylor.

By combining 60% Wing Chun principles and techniques and 40% Iron Shirt and Golden Bell Chi Kung training methods, WCD offers a natural and efficient self defence system, which is suitable for anyone, regardless of age, gender or physique.

Iron Shirt and Golden Bell Chi Kung

Problems such as insomnia, depression, stress and panic attacks are all manifestations of the body being in a state of unbalance.

These unique systems of deep breathing Chi Kung exercises and training methods will help maintain a stronger physical body, promote a more positive mind and cultivate a person’s natural energy to its maximum potential.

Benefits of Training Wing Chun Dynamics

  • Mindfulness
  • Positive mental attitude
  • Self confidence
  • Physical well being
  • Self awareness
  • Conflict management
  • Moving meditation
  • Pressure points

Wing Chun Dynamics continues to be taught to high standards. Through dedication, self-discipline and correct application of knowledge students can potentially qualify as an instructor in the art of WCD and open their own schools passing on the skills they have learnt to ensure the art grows for future generations.