Refined over four decades, Wing Chun Dynamics is the result of continuous research and development in the martial arts.

The Wing Chun style has been stripped down to its core and Shaolin Energy Training has been incorporated to make Wing Chun Dynamics a unique and effective self-defence system.

This is Wing Chun with a difference.

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    “Being brand new to martial arts I was originally anxious to join; however I am so glad I did. I’ve met some great people who I can call friends, became much fitter and greatly improved my confidence.
    In particular I love the way Wing Chun Dynamics takes a modern stance on Wing Chun, helping me to deescalate and apply defensive techniques in real world scenarios. They also apply the techniques to my body type, making Wing Chun work for me.”
    – L. Attfield

    “I train hoping that I won’t ever have to use it, however if a scenario were to occur where I would need my training I would be more prepared to have a better chance of being less-scathed from the encounter. I enjoy Wing Chun Dynamics, the training is fun, unique and evolved, relating to real life scenarios and deals in preparedness.”
    – S. Mark

    post2 “Thanks to all the club for a top night at Wing Chun Dynamics. The standard I am aiming for (and nowhere near at the moment, when you see these guys train) is top notch and no easy task!”
    – D. Horne

    “Wing Chun Dynamics is awesome! If i had known about it I would have started years ago”
    – A. Fox

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