Wing Chun Dynamics Malvern first opened its doors in November 2014 and has since grown in to a thriving class of brilliant students. Our Malvern class is held on a Wednesday evening and is held at the St Mary’s Church on Sherrards Green Road, this is approximately 15 minutes walking distance from the Great Malvern Train station.

Wing Chun Dynamics Malvern offers a friendly welcoming atmosphere and the doors are open to all new students regardless of previous experience or style.

Our classes focus on realistic self defence and self awareness taught through the extensive Wing Chun Dynamics syllabus. This covers a wide range of training areas such as forms, footwork drills, chi sau and energy training. The system also aids confidence and supports mental health.

We also offer junior classes for ages 5 – 12 held from 6.00 – 6.30pm on Wednesday evening.These classes offer fun interactive training for children helping them to engage in self defence training through a mixture of martial arts training and games. This provides them with an understanding of self defence, improves fitness and improves fine and gross motor skills.

Our main focus of these classes is to ensure the children learn basic self defence whilst having fun along with learning how to respect the system and each other.

Wing Chun Dynamics Malvern and Kung Fu Dynamics Malvern are friendly, welcoming classes where students can join to learn a new system and make friends along the way.

Wednesday: 7.30 - 9.30pm
Address :
St Mary the virgin Church
Sherrards Green Road
WR14 2EE
Tel : 07875856015
Email :